Monday, March 29, 2010


Bombs exploded this morning in two of the most famous metro stations in Moscow: Park Kulturi and Lubyanka. Almost 40 people died and a lot of passengers are injured Just a shame....and a lot of pain. But not only for what you think.
No words, no interest, no conversation, no real emotion during this day in the offices or in the corridors. Russian people, if you want to have a great nation, you need to have a heart before. I hope the lack of reaction I've seen today was just an expression of the shock.

Few facts though:
- when people were proposing free rides to the victims of the mess, they were kicked by taxi drivers that were asking for 3.000 RUR to drive 500m (equivalent of 75 euros)
- when all Western countries were already spreading the horrible news, there was nothing here on TV (only word of mouth) and tonight, only one channel is talking about it.
- when you've got already police everywhere in the metro, you've got even more tonight (one every 200m in the streets and in the metro), joking and laughing. Life is cool.
- Metro is half-empty and the people don't smile...the only thing that did not change so far.

Is there something wrong in that city?

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