Saturday, June 26, 2010

Branded Silence

Arshavin seems to be that you can build a lot without being talented. In the crowd of the average football players, he is the only one to have created something interesting for business...not for sport obviously - and his mnemonic is that finger on his mouth. He just created a brand that is aimed to propose young, modern and comfortable clothing line for young men. The purpose to launch in few months few other things like Arshavin Life, Arshavin Sport or Arshavin Baby. Arshavin Scary.
In that path to branding, he should be more careful about the projects he accepts. I don't talk about Pepsi which we did with him...he was fortunate enough not to be removed from the campaign. I talk that shitty thing on the tramways in Moscow for windows. Even more, the placement is really strange. There is a warning sign 'please, step in by the front door' right directed to his mouth. If he wants to brand himself better, perhaps he should have a look to the creative work before signing.

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