Friday, September 3, 2010

Veteran Airlines

Aeroflot is the only airlines company in the world, having some 50+ in their crew. Pretty surprising...not really actually. When you see the difficulty for some people to find a job in modern Russia (the transition, 20 years ago, was quite harsh for some of them), when you understand the difficulty to accomplish yourself in a very young-oriented market and, for the elders, when you see the level of retirement helps, you'll get it.
Therefore, it's not surprising to see people, reaching their 60s, but delivering pizza or sushi menus at your home, selling some telecommunication SIM cards in the streets, cleaning the floor in the malls, making security guards for shops (all of them need one - Russian law) and so on.
We always talk about the great future of Russia, let's not forget about those who built its present.

(Photos: Dirrty Frank, past-present-future)

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