Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'We Are Different'

As much as the Russians claim it all the time, especially in advertising industry, I'm really sorry to say that Russians are not different. Or, in that case, each country, each culture, each history is different.
The only thing that may annoy them is the communication brought by international brands without any sense of local understanding (it may be the guilt of shitty agencies over here). Tell me if this brand of cigarette took the time to go on Internet to understand what Moscow looked like in the winter before posting that in the metro.
We are all different. Some of us are bloody stupid.

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Jules said...

la publicité ne montre pas tellement la vie comme elle est vraiment, non? accuser les pubs de pas être réaliste c'est nul comme argument. Ca me fait penser au syndicat des hélicoptères français qui demandaient le retrait de la campagne Autralie-Leclerc parce que elle était pas réaliste.
Sinon c'est vrai qu'il y a des camapagnes au réalisme trash, mais quand même, c'est plus risqué.

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