Saturday, June 27, 2009

Il est Interdit d'Interdire

This famous quote from historical May '68 revolt in France does not really fit that post, more as a twikle in the eye. Well, to some extent, it shows that the lack of rules that the Russian society enjoyed during the last 20 years came to an end. Anyway, it's been a while I've got that photo and I found it this morning and think it's worth sharing.
At the entrance of shopping centers (big malls and so on), you discover the kind of rules that are important to follow. One of them seems a bit scary for expats but totally normal for Russian (back to 90's somehow). Who said that shopping is a war? 


Anonymous said...

Attention aux soldes...ça va faire mal.

julia said...

i wonder how many clients they lose because of "no gun" rule?

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