Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pepsi Team

Pepsi Team features super football stars as usual. But this year, some picky people would say few things. But those people don't know how difficult it is to do advertising for sports events. So the team is composed by Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast), Frank Lampard (UK), Kaka (Brasil), Leo Messi (Argentina), Thierry Henry (France), Andrey Arshavin (Russia), Fernando Torres (Spain), Mickael Ballack (Germany). So few things that nobody could expect...
Arshavin is not going to the WC but, still, in Russia, we had to feature him (The big star). So he 's leading the promotion on and with the promo film.

Torres and Ballack came last so they're not in the film, not on the bottles (by the way, did not find Lampard either). And anyway, Ballack is injured and won't play. Kaka is out of shape, like Thierry Henry actually. Only Lampard, Messi, Drogba, Torres rule in there.
So, now you're briefed. They all have a chance (apart of Andrey and Michael). Who is going to handle the Cup on the 11th of July?

(Photo: Dirrty Frank, 'Oh, Africa')

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