Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flower Power

I've never seen a country with so many florists than Moscow - even Paris is not at that level. I can't explain the success of it apart of the intent from Russian people to put romantism at the core of their life. It's not rare to see people with flowers at the train station, at the restaurant for friends or beloved, for birthdays, for colleagues...
Well, there is always a limit. How many guys I've seen in the metro, dead drunk, falling asleep or ready to bring up, obviously late to get to home, with a ridiculous rose that would help them to get forgiveness from their wives. Romantism is where you want to find it.

(Photos: Dirrty Frank, always a rose crossing his smile)

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Jules said...

si quand même, aux Pays Bas on consomme plus de fleurs.
En plus a Moscou les fleurs se conservent tres mal, trop chaud, trop froid et seulement 10% est de la production Russe ou Ukrainienne.

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