Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moscovite Diversity

Nobody would be surprised that the last census showed that 12% of Russians consider themselves as Muslims. In a country with so many cultures, so many origins and so many people, that's a normal fact. The big thing is that we don't give to the people the necessary places to follow their faith or at least to be in peace with their beliefs. You would argue that Kazan reveals one of the most beautiful mosque in Eastern Europe and that Russia built a brand new one near Prospekt Mira. But as usual in Russia, does it sound like enough to integrate those people into the society? What do you think conservative Russian people would think seeing those pictures on the web? And, of course, what would be their reaction, seeing that and relating them to the numerous bomb attacks in the country? I'm not saying Europe is doing better but there is a big room for improvement to ease integration and avoid racism/xenophobia which are still very strong here.

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