Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fast Company

Something freaks me out about Russia. There is a lot of things to invent here, mainly concerning services. This field is still under-invested (the sense of service is still something difficult to fully get for Russian people). But still, Moscow is a booming city, so what is the result? People are just developing some stuff which are already crowdy and with a lot of players. You see appearing everyday some me-too offers, without communication and product differentiation.
Look at that paying machine (where you can put cash on your phone, your Internet and other services). These are the brands delivering Internet connection. I let you counting them, but really, it does not make sense. Dudes, try to invest in something innovative for once.

(Dirrty Frank, looking for his provider since 3 minutes)

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Jules said...

c'est pas vraiment ça, si tu veux internet il n'y a pas autant de choix, ça marche par quartier, par immeuble. C'est pas vraiment de la concurrence ou du me too. On se fichent du nombre d'opérateur à Moscou ou en Russie, ce qui compte c'est qui est capable de mettre internet dans mon appart'

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