Saturday, December 18, 2010

Riot Act

Revolutions used to occur in summer. Forget about it. A wave of violence took over Europe in the last few weeks, at the middle of a snowy winter, even coming to the center of Moscow. After (in random order) London and its hungry students, Italy and its hungry anti-Berlusconi or classic France with its hungry French, here comes Russia and its hungry everybody. In a country where the riots are rare and often violently controled by the police, the last week was quite a big deal for moscovites.
After the death of a Spartak fan last week, killed by Caucasian origins lads, a terrible street fighting started to be organized between Russian fascits and Caucasus natives. After last week-end fight on Manezhnaya Place (near the Kremlin, 30 injured people), we saw again a serie of provocative clashes between ethnic minorities and ultranationalists near the Kievsky Station.
Poutine, not far from a little word of propaganda, had tough talk about 'bacillus of nationalism' and wanted Russian people to thank the police to protect them so well. Funny...not really actually.

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