Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Negotiator

At the moment, the biggest fear in Russian economy is a new devaluation of the ruble. If we talk about euro conversation, we passed already from 35 to 44 RUR in about one year. And the most pessimistic ones talk frequently about the second wave with an exchange rate around 60 RUR.
Facing that dilemma, some bureau de change want to be flexible. Of course, they display the current and official rates but just behind their boards, they announce something like 'With us, you can make a deal', thus proposing a negotiation from both parties. That's clever from them.
In crisis time, it's kinda lose-lose relationship or...

(Photos: Dirrty Frank praying for a bit of stability)


Joseph said...


ca a pas encore devisse

alexandre.latsa@gmail.com said...

Enfin au 1 novembre 2009 on est à :

USD ЦБ 29,0488

EUR ЦБ 43,0678

Preuve que c'était des conneries ;)

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