Sunday, December 26, 2010

Green Washing

Who would believe that? Russia is becoming a first-class supporter of eco-friendly behaviours. Well, let's not be so fast but the same country that hosts SUV drivers with the sticker 'Fuck Fuel Economy' on their trunk is about to launch their first green vehicle . And I'm sure that investigating a bit more Runet will give you some hints about a more responsible future. We're far to be living in Luxembourg but everything seems to go in a good direction. The supermarket chain Perekrostok is opening some 'green' stores and McDonald's does not see any problem to import their new concept on the Russian territory. Even Giant Gazprom is making an effort Reality or manipulation. Russian style anyway.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Training for Sotchi 2014

Happy Soviet Year

It is official and very serious. For New Year's Eve, the Kremlin is organizing a party 'Back in USSR' (in English on the invitation). The ceremony will be held in an official residence of the government, outside Moscow, and will be presented by a look-alike from Brejnev. It will gather not less than 350 guests. Another look-alike from Alla Pugatchova (famous soviet star, still very famous and visible now) will be there - I've got one question, why not to pay the real one to come?
Apparently the main host, playing the ex-General Secretary of the Central Comitee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1964 to 1982, will inspire himself with some soviet speeches to spread some gifts to the winners of a kind of lottery during the evening.
Well, what to expect now for next year? Staline kissing the employees' children?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mad Maxim

Riot Act

Revolutions used to occur in summer. Forget about it. A wave of violence took over Europe in the last few weeks, at the middle of a snowy winter, even coming to the center of Moscow. After (in random order) London and its hungry students, Italy and its hungry anti-Berlusconi or classic France with its hungry French, here comes Russia and its hungry everybody. In a country where the riots are rare and often violently controled by the police, the last week was quite a big deal for moscovites.
After the death of a Spartak fan last week, killed by Caucasian origins lads, a terrible street fighting started to be organized between Russian fascits and Caucasus natives. After last week-end fight on Manezhnaya Place (near the Kremlin, 30 injured people), we saw again a serie of provocative clashes between ethnic minorities and ultranationalists near the Kievsky Station.
Poutine, not far from a little word of propaganda, had tough talk about 'bacillus of nationalism' and wanted Russian people to thank the police to protect them so well. Funny...not really actually.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fast Company

Something freaks me out about Russia. There is a lot of things to invent here, mainly concerning services. This field is still under-invested (the sense of service is still something difficult to fully get for Russian people). But still, Moscow is a booming city, so what is the result? People are just developing some stuff which are already crowdy and with a lot of players. You see appearing everyday some me-too offers, without communication and product differentiation.
Look at that paying machine (where you can put cash on your phone, your Internet and other services). These are the brands delivering Internet connection. I let you counting them, but really, it does not make sense. Dudes, try to invest in something innovative for once.

(Dirrty Frank, looking for his provider since 3 minutes)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

We Are (not yet) The Champions

A first victory for Russia, it's going to be the first time that the country will organize the FIFA World Cup, in 2018 for those who were sleeping this afternoon. Noit much to say after all the limbo created by the English campaign director, after the personal involvement of Vladimir, after all the stories about the country ability to receive a so big-scale event. Actually, I just want to show you how difficult it was when you see the communication and the accent of the Minister of Sports. Russia is getting international...little by little.

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