Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sound of Silence

Did you miss me? Not really. Internet offers so many sources of stupidities that one less is not changing much. I was really busy lately and I thought I would be dry concerning the city I still live in, Moscow. Nothing can surprise me anymore, nothing can upset me anymore, nothing can hurt me anymore...that's not true, more than ever this city is a punk circus, juggling between insanity and paradoxes. The world is upside down, Moscow is down upside. Nothing like others.
I did a lot of things during those last few months...few things actually. I've launched my first book 'Tranches de Mort' that you can order here (all countries available), I've launched a free art magazine unleash.pdf (discover more info and the way to download here, I've developed my art collective Ipeka and we still developing some projects and, all that, was captured on radio over here . And I don't tell you everything because you won't believe me but I run some other activities as well.
Could I do all that without the enrgy of Moscow? Probably not. The least I could do is to come back to this blog and celebrate the punk life I'm still living.

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