Sunday, August 15, 2010

20 Years After

20 years ago exactly, Viktor Tsoï died in a car accident - officially he felt asleep. Just a story among millions of daily drama. The only difference is that Tsoï was the iconic singer of Kino, a soviet rock band, that was ruling music over here in the 80's. A whole generation became orphan as he was guiding the young generation through one of the most difficult transitions of the country with his poetry and his charisma.
Everybody is talking about that today - already 20 years. A concert is organized for that - well, in October, you know, in Russia, even dead people are late. The wall, dedicated to him near Old Rabat street (see photos taken few months ago), gathered thousands of fans and bottles of vodka. He was the last music hero of that country. Not difficult when you see what we see on TV nowadays. Something went wrong in the music industry in Russia. Really wrong...

(Photos: Dirrty Frank, discovering also that legendary band)

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