Sunday, August 1, 2010

Me-Too Sub Products

Russia is a mistery for that. Most of the ideas are stolen from other countries, but contrary to China for example, to talk about it is really a tabu. That's quite ridiculous when you think that globalization of ideas sharing make everything easier to track, some people here are still thinking they're protected by a kinda curtain (no historical mention here) that would allow them to imitate without any shame. I've already shown you that nice homage-video clip This is another one that is quite obvious. Yes, this clip made some buzz but far to be a best-in-class production. Even more if you remove the 'happening' that was generated at that time.

And then, we can talk about many other things like, series like Scrubs or Desperate Housewives (see photos), some food chains like Pret a Manger/Prime Star or some numerous local me-too products. To be fair, we can't say that Russian people lack of imagination (all the contrary) but they hate risks. That's why they prefer to develop something that was done successfully somewhere else than to invest in the unknown
(Photos: Dirrty Frank, the one and far)

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