Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kinder Bono

The Irish singer is always using the same recipes. There is a white side, a dark side and there is also a surprise at some point.
The white part is obviously the music, hymns of our golden age, our generation anthems, the show which illuminated Moscow's raining sky tonight, the intensity of the emotion (I was always wondering how they did with so average drummer and bass player). A great band in action. A fantastic show. A must-live experience.
The dark side is that wish to go for show-off charity at some point that we don't really understand if it's not about self-marketing. A show full of great intentions but delivered in a shiny way, in an entertaining way. Certainly the new way to deliver important messages. The debate is open. I'm not sure in Russia it worked so well. The reactions of the audience was so-so on the speeches (even translated on the big screens).
And obviously the surprise. Bono delighted us with Salman Rushdie or with the Mothers of the Disappeared in Chile in 1998. But apparently he was not very clear about his position for Russia (perhaps, coming for the first time here, he was not properly briefed). How to mix in the same concert some greatings for President Medvedev, which whom he spent some time in Soki yesterday (dixit Bono), underlined the presence of Gorbatchov in the audience, sung some Bob Marley and showed the Human Rights in a country that is struggling to feel the equality of chance and finally performing with Yuri Schevchuk, famous rock star that is standing against the government since 20 years (quite famous for his tough discussion with Poutine few weeks ago). What Bono wants to play with? This amalgam and this superficial knowledge of the country is not really responsible for a guy that wants to be perceived as important as the politicians and decision-makers of this world. Provocator or ambassador, you need to choose. This is really strange and I feel a bit disapointed even after spending such a nice moment.

Some say that rock'n'roll will save the world. I believe in it. But not tonight...

(Photo: Dirrty Frank and Julia)

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julia said...

the other "funny" things is that Amnisty International camps at the entrance were kicked out by milizia before the concert, however they had an agreement with U2.

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