Friday, August 6, 2010

It's in the Bag

Far from Carrie Bradshaw's show that any people would imagine in the upscale streets of Moscow, there is another trend going on, much stronger and touching the majority of the population. This is all about the plastic bag. Easy, seasonal, premium, even chic.
You can't imagine how far the people go to chose or to handle the right plastic bag to look a bit posh. Of course, it's not always on purpose. When you buy something in the streets or in the tunnels, you have to buy the wrapping bag. And then, it's a collection of different styles flashing to your eyes: famous brands, colorful flowers, travelling style, foreign names with a lot of mistakes, poetry in French that does not mean anything...All of them convey something about you. And I can tell you, in Moscow, it's bloody important.

(Photos: Dirrty Frank, trying to sell some Fnac bags for 3 euros)

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