Sunday, August 8, 2010

Street Marketing

First time that discipline deserves so well its name. This year, a new media appeared in Moscow (well, you've got to find some other solutions as everything is already quite busy). Just as simple as tagging the pavement. Not a bad idea at the moment when you see barely your feet in the smoke.
But as always, a simple idea got completely crazy and everybody wanted to draw its fingerprints everywhere: brands for youth, little shops around the corner, announcement of concerts and events (as the tag is permanent, few of them seems quite outdated), navigation path to find restaurants, websites...and even companies proposing professional tagging for your brand. The situation became ridiculous with not less than 20 tags at each metro exit.
I'm sure Moscow will find something to go to the next level for next year. And in the winter, perhaps, we can paint the snow (if somebody feels interested, I can sell the patent).

(Photos: Dirrty Frank, one step after another)

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