Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Visa Land

All the expats are upset with the visa process. True that it becomes quickly a nightmare for most of the people to go to Russia (actually, the people complaining the most are those completely taken in charge by their companies...no big deal then). But who is thinking about our fellow Russian friends? It's a nightmare when times come to organize their vacation or business trips.
Most of the countries ask for visa to Russian citizens (at least more countries than EU people). That's why some of them acted well by opening their borders to Russian new habits of travelling a lot. The clever guys are mainly Egypt, Turkey, Vietnam, Cuba (what a surprise) and few others. They do most of their business out of that.
Easy to understand: light green - no visa, dark green - visa at the entrance, yellow - visa but easy, grey - conditionnally no visa (don't understand), blue - visa for sure, visa for you a bit less.

(Photo: Dirrty Frank, soon on vacation in a no visa country but far away)


ecu said...

Most probably, EU countries will stop requiring visa for Russians when the opposite will be true, and Russia will stop when the opp..well.

aaghaazeha said...

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